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About me

I’m Marc Borillo García, a journalist and writer passionate about travelling, storytelling, cinema, literature, and anything in between. Over the last years I’ve been creating content for different projects related with those interests: collaborating with magazines, creating social media content for companies and writing pieces of journalism.

The last of these projects is Bye Bye Viernes, a digital magazine (in Spanish) that today has many collaborators and has already exceeded 500 monthly visits. It has been undoubtedly the most ambitious and prolific of all my projects, which has pushed me to put into practice all the skills developed over the years, as well as adding new ones such as SEO or website development. Apart from being the creator of the magazine, I currently hold the position of main editor and I assiduously write articles in it.

Examples of work


Articles and interviews published in Bye Bye Viernes

Bye Bye Viernes received over 1100 views last month, which gives my articles a lot of exposure.

In Bye Bye Friday I have published numerous articles, interviews and reviews. Here are some examples:

Film critic for the physical magazine «Món Medieval»

The Spanish magazine «Món Medieval» contacted me to write a review of a film related to its editorial line. This issue was printed and distributed all over Catalonia.

Social Media and SEO

Creation of Social Media Content as part of my internship in OnaHotels

As part of my internship at OnaHotels, I was involved in creating digital content for social media, mainly through Instagram posts and stories. Here are some examples:

SEO and web development

Being the creator of the Bye Bye Viernes website, I have designed the structure of the portal from scratch. Along the way I have learned a lot about web development, focusing mainly on WordPress as a tool.

I have also learnt a lot of SEO techniques, which I put into practice in my articles in order to increase traffic in an organic way.

Publishing and editing

As the creator of Bye Bye Friday, my main job is that of editor: regular contributors send me their texts, which I correct, optimise and publish.

Also, seeing how prolific some of the magazine’s writers were being, I decided to jump into the world of publishing. I picked up stories of one of our best writers, registered them and self-published it under the Bye Bye Friday imprint. You can find it here.


As a writer and journalist I find it impossible to create content if you have not developed as an individual as well as a professional. That is why I consider the various volunteer projects I have been fortunate enough to participate in to be an essential part of my career. Travelling and working in different socio-cultural contexts doing a multitude of diverse activities has opened my mind and has been one of the keys to the success of several of the works shown above.

Some of these experiences are:

Park Istra (Kastelec, Slovenia)

Two months living together with other young people from around Europe, with the aim of helping local communities in Slovenia in a sustainable way. We helped farmers till the land, volunteered at animal shelters, performed musical shows for retirement homes, cleaned beaches, protected animals in danger of illegal trafficking, and a multitude of other activities. On top of that, the project had a great structure focused on the personal and professional development of its participants.

Can we change? (Siderno, Italy)

Two weeks project with other 9 volunteers that aimed to propose a different response to the crisis of the world, encouraging young people to ask fundamental questions about society and themselves, where relationship within humans is the main focus of our attention. A truly unique experience living accordingly to nature, while eating simple and wholesome vegetarian food, or learning how to grow a plant and taking good care of the nature around us.


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